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Oil drilling in the tundra

Oil drilling in the tundra
The effects of oil drilling
The tundras climate and what lives there
Actions taken to protect the environment
Case Study

      In the artic tundra oil drilling is very popular because the tundra is rich in mineral resources. It also has destroyed many areas of the tundra. Russia, Greenland, and Canada's artic tundras have had their minerals extracted from the ground. These sites also have harmful dusts and gases which cause air pollution. When the harmful dusts settle in the neiboring ponds, streams and lakes the fish can not survive in the water even people can't go in the waters.
      In the tundra oil drilling is big business. Oil drilling unfortunately hurts the tundra. Mining and oil drilling take the land away from the animals in the tundra because of the noise the machines make. Even plants cannot because of the polution.
      The greatest fear the tundra has is oil spillage. The consequences can be devastating if the oil leaks on the ground and in the waters. When an animal comes in contact with the oil it will die. Oil spills can ruin biomes as fragile as the tundra. Decadeds after an oil spill no plants or animals will return.

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Damage that an oil spill can cause


Picture of a snowy tundra