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Case Study

Oil drilling in the tundra
The effects of oil drilling
The tundras climate and what lives there
Actions taken to protect the environment
Case Study

     Our group studied the tundra and the effects of oil drilling in the tundra. The tundra is the coldest of all the biomes and is located in the north and the south near the poles. It is also located on snowcapped mountain tops. There are two kinds of tundra, the alpine and the arctic. The alpine is on mountaintops and the arctic is in the north near the North Pole. The average temperature for the year is only a little above freezing. There is not much biotic diversity in the tundra because of such short growing seasons and extremely cold temperatures. The ground is covered with snow and rock.
      We studied oil drilling and the effects it has on the environment. Oil drilling is ruining the tundra by the drilling. It is also putting deadly gases and dusts into the air. The gases pollute the air and the dust get into lakes and streams so fish can’t live and humans can’t use the water as a water supply. Unfortunately, we use oil in every day life and is considered necessary. Another fear, that affects the tundra are oil spills. When oil spills, it ruins the water and kills many animals and plants.